Thursday, April 28, 2011

Updates are complete

Well, changes are complete FINALLY! It took me 2 days to get it exactly like I wanted it and now it's live. Check it out! New stuff coming to the sidebars and other cool stuff coming soon. I WILL create a facebook page for the blog really soon and it'll be up in the next few hours. I'll give you a tour of the new layout.

-New background! Bassy looking scales, a really simple theme.
-New color scheme- green and orange.
-New fonts!
-New posts background, off white isn't too bright. Easy on the eyes.
-New Blogroll- in progress, adding more and culling some I don't think anyone really looks for on the sidebars.
-New posts per page number: I moved it down to 7 for faster loading
-NEW PAGES! The webstore will be coming soon.
And Finally
-New content! I'm trying to bring on the better pics, more video footage and audio stuff, kayak vids, tournament writeups and more.

So, I want to hear some feedback. Do you guys like it? Think it needs something? Can you help me make it better? feel free to comment or email me. Your opinion counts!

Well, Enjoy the blog!

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