Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I've been bigmouthed(again)

Return of an old(Not that old) friend today. I went to the secret spot after more floodwater carp, but sadly the floodwaters receded and the water level was a mere 8 inches above normal. The fish were still there though, so I casted out a Carprunner.Well, it worked. I had something pick it up on the 3rd cast and it went flying out on a blistering run. Carp maybe? I kept fighting it and it showed it's face to me. Again, little buff? I've been bigmouthed again...
Me again, little bigmouth buffalo? 

If you haven't caught on yet yes it's the same exact Bigmouth Buffalo I got a few weeks ago. On the fly this time! At first I really didn't know what to make of it but I reviewed the pics and it's the same fish.
Next was a little baby Smallmouth buff. Fun on the fly!

I pestered the carp for a while but they were in full spawn mode today and weren't interested in anything. I ended up just leaving. I made a few casts at the Drain on the way back. Hooked into a nice Largemouth.

Pretty good day I think. In only an hour and a half I picked up 3. Not bad.


  1. Maybe it's the only Bigmouth in the river/lake (wherever the secret spot is)? Only kidding, I'm sure he's not alone, but that is really cool to catch the same fish twice. It's a little proof that catch and release actually works.

  2. dude, go buy a lotto ticket