Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jono's first smallie!

Saturday was perfect. About 85 degrees, just enough sun, wind, and humidity. The barometer looked good. It was a fishing day, so I started to case up my fly rods for Texoma, figuring I could get a striper and a smallie on Texoma for the contest. So, i'm getting ready and I get a call from Jonathan wanting to fish somewhere. We hooked up and were in the truck on the way to Eisenhower State Park before 3.

We got to the lake and it was nothing new. Low, clear, Zebra musselly, cold, and fishy. We couldn't wait to get out on the water. I launched, Grandpa parked, and we idled over to the Fina sign bluffs. No smallies, the water is like 15 feet low now and the big rock bluffs where the smallies hid before are 5 or 6 feet up the bank. Dangit!

A quick change of plans and we're over on Perot's bank, and there's a Hex hatch. Smallies hitting the surface everywhere. Finally, Jonathan yells "Get the net!" fromt he back of the boat as a sweet little smallie surfaced. Jono's first Smallmouth!

Nice smallie! On a chartreuse clouser on his new Rio smallmouth line no less!

Sweet fish!

Well, now it's my turn!
Uhhh, what? Yes, this Zeeb closed on my fly!

We trolled around for a while longer, hooking and losing a few more. I also messed with the new HDS8 on the bow of the bass boat. I must say i'm impressed! I has Sidescan and downscan on at the same time and marked a huge school of stripers in 29 feet of water right off of perot's bank. Another quick change and we're on to the dam.
The famed Denison Dam
Don't think the lake's down? Look at the water line!
We didn't do very good here either. I threw my 8wt for a while here, nothing wanted to hit anything we threw, so we loaded up and hauled back to Perot's bank
On plane and running nicely!

You wouldn't know it but this pic was taken going 60mph down the lake!

We didn't do very good for the rest of the day, so we kicked back and drifted around Eisenhower until dark then loaded up and went home. Not great fishing, but great company and weather. I think it was worth the trip.

If you haven't been  reading for long, this is my 100th post.I think this is a worthy 100th post! I just wanted to thank all my readers and followers for actually reading this crap I write on here!

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