Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crappie day

Went to the Coppell Duck Pond after a black bullhead for the multispecies. I ended up getting one so I started fishing my 2wt casting around a shallow cover filled area in the canal part of the pond. I got a hit. Crappie! I ended up with several crappie, a bluegill, and 2 bullheads. Now that i've dialed into the crappie here I really should fish this place more! I caught most of the crappie on a blue Theo's bomber (www.millersflyshop.com) and a Shwapf tied with gold Flashabou.

I also got a bass a little over 2lbs, could've been the water body record but I released it. I'll let someone else get it.
Black bullhead. Yuck!

Baby crappie

Nice little extremely high backed bluegill.

I found a place to get my Boga certified in Pottsboro so i'm getting it recertified Saturday!


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  2. Hey, Austin,

    Will IFGA recognize the recertification of your BOGAs? If so, do you mind sharing where in Pottosboro you are having this done. We want to get our BOGAs recertified, too. I posted something about this on TFF.

    Nice day on the water, and it looks like you are really closing the gap on Texas Buckeye. Good luck.

  3. It's the game warden's field office on the lake in Pottsboro. If you want a state water body record as long as it's certified with the agricultural scale comisson or TPWD it counts, but if you want an IGFA record you have to send it to Islamorada for IGFA to certify it themselves. Really confusing...

    Thanks! Yeah, if this weekend goes right i'll have a few more species