Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Cliffs 4/9 and 4/10

I went to the Cliffs with Sherman and Miranda Saturday and Sunday. We lost a ridiculous number of rigs to rocks but we still caught some fish and had a good time.
13lb buff
Yes, your monitor color is right. Smallmouth! Grapevine rarity right here!

My new PB smallmouth buffalo at 26lbs 10oz!

Met this kid at the Cliffs and taught him how to carp fish. This was his first common.

And his new PB common at 10lbs


I was alone out there day 2, it was WINDY but quiet.
smaller common on Banana maize

Buff on a Fruity Plum pop up

Same fish.

11 or 13, forgot the weight, on Banana

10lb common on a boilie/maize rig. I don't think I've ever posted a pic of me in this hat. Seattle Sombrero! It looks really funny but I continue to wear it. 


  1. Looks like you guys rocked 'em! Great fish.

  2. Yeah, thanks! I think we caught over 20 on just the first day!

  3. you knocked them dead! Great fish