Friday, January 28, 2011

Great day at the Library

I had an awesome day at the Library pond today. It was 70 degrees today! The water was 46 when I checked so it warmed the surface temp up quite a bit from yesterday. I got 10 bass and lost a few. They were hitting like crazy until 6:40 when they shut off and I couldn't get a bite for anything.

I wasn't really big on taking pics after it got too dark. I had to dig in my backpack for my headlamp- which I conveniently left at home sitting in my shed. I couldn't see anything and had to rig up using my phone light, which was hard. Whatever I had a great day! Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Warmer today- and fishier

Got 3 little bass at the Library Pond today. It's amazing how coldwater bass fight so much harder than when the water's in the 70s and 80s. I also hooked something big that got be wrapped around something and broke off. Not sure what that was, but they bit in a little flurry of activity around dark. About 6:07 was when they turned on and I was hooking(not landing) something on every cast. Pretty good day. I had on the leech patern in picture 1 and when I lost that I put on a little streamer on a sickle jig hook. I like 50 degree days. Tomorrow it'll hit 60, and it's gonna be 75 friday!

Oh and an update. I'm messing around trying to connect facebook to here and bam- all of the comments disappeared. I can see them in the dashboard but you guys can't. I'm going to try to fix it, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

COLD at the RR dam

I went to the Ray Roberts dam with Shannon on Sunday and got stuck out there in a cold front! It was freezing and windy but I still managed 6 and hooked a few more that I lost. They were hitting an Electric blue North Fork Nymph today. Not sure why, but the shad bite was off. I casted clousers a bunch but they would only hit the nymph

I also got a pic of the bass box after I stocked it a bit more. Epicness

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Texoma Tie in

I had a great time at Texoma tie in! I got to meet a bunch of people, tie a bunch of flies, cast a bunch of different fly rods, and show off my kayak today. I got to see several guys I knew, including the TFO guys, Robin Rhyne, George Glazener, Rex and Taylor Walker, Jerry Butler, Jerry Hamon, Les Jackson, Scott Bridgess, David Cole,  Russell Husted along with several other DFF, FWFF and RRFF members. We all had a great time, I tied like 15 clousers and a bunch of  minnows and Carp flies before Taylor dragged me out and made me cast a few of the TFO rods. I played with a BVK 4wt for about 15 minutes before getting out my Loomis and casting it alongside it. A played with a Mini Mag next, which has nothing mini about it, besides the short length and small number of false casts you need to launch the line into the next universe! I whipped around a Deer Creek 14 foot spey rod for a while which made me realize i'm pretty rusty when it comes to spey casting.  then, I casted the rod I have decided is my next rod- the Axiom 7wt. I was able to shoot all of the line out of that rod with 2 false casts while double hauling. It was amazing. I want it!
One of the many clousers I tied 

Joel Hays' Coyote Carp fly(substituted badger hair for coyote)

My Board

Flickin the spey


More casting

 More casting

More Casting

More casting. I'm beginning to love this Axiom!

And more!

Showing off the 'yak.

More yak swag


More Zeebs

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cold front hits

It is currently 26 degrees in Coppell and dropping quickly. I hate cold! somehow the heater in the tying got turned off so I walked in to everything frozen in there. I had to fire up the heater and suck it up for a few hours and get ready for Texoma Tie In. Materials are packed, now all I need to do is get the vise and tools packed and i'm ready to roll!

I did get a few flies in before I packed up the shed, so here they are.

My favorite deer hair fly- the PB's Muddler
size 12(I think???) Mustad Kahle hook. Awesome fly!

Chrome Charlie's Plopsicle

Sparse version of Terry Wilson's Bass Bully

And also I had to do some sketches of random stuff for Art this week. What did you expect?
Now if I could only catch a carp...

Freeport before the freeze

I hit the 3rd freeport pond yesterday in search of a few bass before this next cold front moves in tomorrow. I wasn't denied but I didn't do that great.

Slowest day ever at Freeport. I have gotten 80 in one day there before. They are all small except for a few big bass(my biggest from there is 7lbs) and some giant bluegill that are fairly common. I caught on a Guadalupe Green tied on a jig hook with my new 4wt. Still pretty good considering my hands WEREN'T numb and my guides WEREN'T frozen.

Coming Events-
Texoma Tie in is this Saturday. If you live anywhere close you should come, it's a great event at a great place, Eisenhower State Park on Texoma. This is held by the Red River Fly Fishers, their site is I am ready for this event as I'll be tying as one of the tying demonstrators in the Rec hall. I'm getting there early to lead/follow a group of guys in kayaks and float tubes after Smallmouth bass along the bluffs, then I'll be either tying or fishing for the whole day up there. I'll have my Diablo up there so come get a look at it and paddle it for a little if you want. I'll have it close the whole time so if you've never been in one COME GET IN IT! it's amazing!

More info about the tie in is posted on the Red River Fly Fishers site listed above, so check that out. I plan on seeing a bunch of you guys there. I'll be tying really everything, mostly carp and bass flies with some bluegill and trout mixed in if I get tired of doing the same stuff. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend- SLOW fishing!

This weekend was really cold and the fish were really lethargic. I fished Eisenhower, my Grandparents pond, the Ray Roberts Dam, and Lantana flats. I'll start with my little single fish for the weekend, a nice 9 inch bluegill.

New 4wt action!

I went to the Ray Roberts dam with my friend Dean after the pickerel trip fell apart. The red river fly fishers were there and I got to talk to a few of the guys I knew. No one was really catching. After that we hit Lantana for carp. I saw 4 all day and made 1 cast, which was politely refused by a smaller 3lb carp.

Then to Eisenhower. They changed the fina sign! I saw a few but didn't catch at all. The water clarity is insane! I think I could see the bottom in 14 feet of water!

I plan on fishing later today sometime if it warms up a little.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A few flies

It's been really cold around here for the past week so I've been tying a lot. Right now the current temp is 28 and tonight's low is 24. The wind and ice is making everything a mess so it's really hard to fish, so I'm just staying home and tying. This weekend I'm going to Lake Hawkins for the TFF 2nd annual Fly Fishing Idiots Pickerel trip. Last year it rained and I blanked on fish. I think rained like an inch while we were there last time so I hope it doesn't rain but overcast weather will bring the fish up so it might be a good thing for it to rain. Well, here's a few that i've tied this week.
Deer hair bass bug. I couldn't find any razorblades so I freehanded this with scissors and coated the front with nail polish to harden up the popping face.

Bunny Gurgler, kind of a fun tie.

Sickle hook Double Bunny

This is a new one, kind of a modified hairy fodder. This one works! I already got 2 bass on it a few days ago.

Roughfisher Carp Assasins.

New carp box is filling up quickly! 

I also got a new bass box last week.

this is it on Sunday

And this is today. It's filling up quickly!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fish Pics 1/5, 1/6, and 1/7

The weather decided to warm up a little bit this week so I ran out the first chance I could. TPWD stocked trout in Northwest Park Pond in Irving, and of course I had to go check it out. I got there late so I only casted a few times. I caught 4 little bluegill on a blue Theo's bomber.
On thursday I went to the library pond just to check out how the fishing is before the coming "arctic blast" the news is forecasting next week. I got 1 on a DBHWF and 1 on the red Circle Hook Clouser.

I went float fishing for carp today and blanked. I still got to see the awesome sunset!