Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bassin' before the storm

Shannon and I hit Ray Roberts for bass today. See his post for what happened here yesterday.

Topwater fishing! All of it was topwater yesterday, but today, well...

Today was different. The fish were kind of jumbled up from the passing storms in the area, which are severe. Keyword- SEVERE! Shannon said "I might have to drop out on you for this trip, I see black clouds" and I immediately replied that the fish would be ON and the bite could have potential to be phenomenal! 

When I showed up, I knew the weather was going to get weird. It seemed really really quiet and the sky was dark. Shannon and I started bass fishing. I threw a favorite, a red/yellow popper on my Sage Largemouth. I picked up a nice bass pretty early on the trip 

Shannon then got another and we missed a few fish. Shannon also broke off a big gar!
And then the severe storms came in and we got out of there quickly. Didn't want to be caught in this!

Well, I got back in the car with Grandpa. I witnessed this on the way back from the lake.  Tornado!

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