Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Long awaited updates

I need to put some new content here from the last week, so i'm about to throw up about 4 posts. Doing this post for all of the update bullets and a few pics.

Went to Lewisville last Monday and got some sunfish and a drum.

Orangespotted Sunfish from the cast net trying to get shad for catfish bait. I ended up fishing worms on the ultralight and got pleanty of greenies, longears, and bluegill.

Small freshwater drum!

-The 385ci on the Diablo crapped out this week. We re-mounted it in a scupper and are getting it fixed. A temporart replacement went on for this week. If you can't  see the screen it's flashing 0.6ft. It is at Humminbird getting fixed.

-Sunglasses are still in Costa's hands being fixed

-Explored a new spot last week It's really hard to get to and even harder to fish. Got a buffalo and a sandbass


Went to a new swim on Grapevine and blanked hard
I might go back someday.

And here's where the regularly scheduled programming resumes. Enjoy the blog.

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