Saturday, April 30, 2011

Surface action!

Surface bass action is heating up! Fished the Creek and the Library today. It was really windy but I ended up finding some fish inside open pockets in thick hydrilla mats.
I found some little greenies and longears in the creek. Water was clearer but a lot cooler.

When I headed over to the Library the wind had picked up a lot. I was throwing a white Booglebug popper on my 4wt and the wind was hard to handle with a light rod like this. I needed a 5wt, it's been too long without the clouser in action! I need that new line soon!

I jaw jacked a few bass with the Booglebug. They like this thing!
Might have a chance on getting in on some sandbass and striper action tomorrow. Also might go back and finish what I started on Ray Roberts last weekend.

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