Friday, April 22, 2011

The Cliffs on Earth Day

I fished a 3 hour session today and got into some really nice buffs at the Island swim at the cliffs. Most of them came on strawberry flavored method on bolt rigs.
Ended up with 3 buffs, a little common, and a spotted bass.

Biggest was this 21-4 buff on a fruity plum pop up. Favorite. Bait. Ever.

"Swirly" the 12lb Helix buff on the fruity plum pop up.

8 or 9lb buff on Banana maize

Little common on Banana maize

Had a rosehip boilie and a drilled range cube out also but lost a few fish on each.

Oh, Happy Earth day! It was really nice outside today, especially after the sun went down and the wind died!

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