Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I haven't been taking pictures in a week or two. Hit a few places last week and nothing was worth reporting. this is the friday saturday sunday report.

Smallies- oh sweet smallies. My favorite Texas fish. Got 6 of them this weekend. Texoma was good to me. Brown buggers and baby bass craft fur Clousers worked the best.


And the double. 2 bass totaling 10lbson a square bill crankbait!

I had a good weekend

Friday, October 15, 2010

Last weekend report

I haven't had any time! I'll get some pictures posted after school. After llela Saturday, I blanked at lewisville then went up to my grandparents and get ready for the koi trip with Shannon and Joel. Sunday morning I got 1 greenie at the Ray Roberts dam then I got 2 longears at ray roberts state park. After that I tried for koi, and I BLANKED! I even threw the cast net for a while and got a few branches(that's it!)

Monday I got home and went to grapevine to try for a few sandbass. I limited! First time I've ever caught a limit on grapevine! Live shad and a 1/4oz redeye shad seemed to kill e'm!

Tuesday the wind changed and the sandbass shut off. I got 5 on a slab spoon. Big time wind and whitecaps everywhere!

Wednesday I took my float tube out to Freeport for some bass. I put on a 2/0 dahlberg diver to try for a larger fish. I got 3 with the biggest a hair under 10 inches. Little bitty bass on a sage largemouth is like hunting squirrels with a missle launcher.

Yesterday I tried for a bass at the drain and only got 1 hit. I hope today's better and saturday's even better. Some TFFers and I are going to the Denison dam for some fishing, I hope all goes well!

Today I went to the Vine again. I came close to limiting! 18 samdies, 1 LMB and a Channel cat. Lotsa people, 8 boats out there today. I was still the last one there!

some pics from this week

Shad on the fly- no it wasn't snagged. it ate the fly!



Saturday, October 9, 2010


I fished LLELA today, and I guess I did pretty good. I walked all the way down to the old railroad bridge and fished around the steep banks. I never saw a single carp but saw plenty of buffalo while wading around the first island. I got 1 TEENY crappie, 3 largemouths, and a small but feisty spotted bass.

Got the crappie on a CarpRunner but the rest were on this, a hot flash minnow with a split shot

I'm now going out to the main lake side for a while. I hope I can at least get something!

One more

Right after I hit SUBMIT on the last post I grabbed 2 baitcasters and headed out to the drain. I have been seeing a lot of baby bass (It's that time of year) so I put on a Strike Pro Flex Phantom swimbait. I haven't caught a fish on this yet. I casted it four times then I started moving it really fast just to see how it swam. I saw a large green shape rocket off the bottom and bump the bait. I just stopped it then jerked it once and BAM! the fish inhaled the bait and the fight was on!

a little over 5 on the Boga. A nice fish!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Lone little longear

I got 1 fish today- a little longear on the wooll bugger variation from yesterday

I'm about to go back out for another go. Gonna go with conventional stuff to try for some bass and maybe catfish.



Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week Report

These are all from today and tuesday on Bellyache minnows and a little bugger variation. Lost a carp and almost got a buff.

This Weekend-
Tomorrow- No school!!! i'm jumping on the bike early (6:30) and doing a Coppell pond tour (secret spot, drain, andy brown, library, garpond, moore, and possibly CBC)

Saturday- LLELA, Texoma smallies

Sunday- Fishing with Shannon Drawe and Joel Hays at a private pond.

Monday-Kayak day (I Hope) or maybe carping a few new places (also maybe on Texoma, Ray roberts dam, and anywhere else..)
Well, Later guys


Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend report and a belly ache day

This weekend was OK. The weather sucked sunday but I made the best of it.
Friday- fished with Jonathan at Andy Brown. He caught a little bass on a small clouser and I caught a little bass and a nice little greenie on one of my shad dart crappie flies.

Saturday Morning- I went to the Coppell Library pond and Spot Pond with Scott and caught 5 on a Marabou Maruder

Saturday Afternoon- Met Marty at Twin lakes for some carpin (or I should say Koi'in)and blanked on all fish that are not sunfish. Caught a nice Warmouth/Greenie hybrid and a few bass plus a bass a little over 2 I got on a live bluegill

The cormorants are showing up. Dammit! I saw one at the drain today too!

 Saturday Afternoon- fished my Granparents pond with an ultra light and bread for a break from the flyrod cats. I got a 9lber and a 14lber

Sunday- Off to Texoma. Got 2 little spotted bass cranking the tires on Cedar Mills Marina between 8 and 9AM


I found a new fly called the Belly Ache Minnow (google it) and tied up a few. I got a few bass, bluegill, a greenie, and broke off a large bass that broke the tippet with 2 headshakes.

That's all for now!