Friday, April 1, 2011

Bigmouth Buffalo!

I finally got a Bigmouth Buffalo! That means I've caught all 3 species of buffalo finally! Well, I'll get on with the story!
Of course, I'm too lazy to type, so this is "quoted"(Copy and pasted) from my TFF post on the fish-

Yes, they are there, even though many have never seen or heard of them. I was one of them until today. 

Bigmouth Buffs have a different mouth than the other 2 buffalo- their mouth faces forward. While their body coloration and size is similar to Smallmouths and Blacks, their mouth looks almost close to a shad's mouth, and it's much bigger than the other 2 species mouths. They are also a lot less common to catch than Smallmouth buffs.

And the part you've been waiting for

I tried my secret spot today and the water flow was a bit higher than before from today's rain, which pretty much soaked everything around but not much more. Ryan called me and we were talking while I walked upstream to my sandbass spot when I stopped dead, I saw a BUNCH of buffs and carp feeding everwhere! like shoals of 20-30 fish just cruising around. I hung up and rigged up for them. I stuck on a size 4 hook of some kind and a worm and freelined it in front of their faces. I spooked like 20 before I could really drift it right, and got 3 or 4 eats that spit the hook. I finally got over to my sandbass spot and saw another buff sitting alone behind a sandbar. I casted at it and instead of the ignore I'd been getting from the other buffs it casually sucked it in and my line tightened! I was using my ultralight, so this was a fun fight! I saw it's mouth before it's first run and thought "Wow, that's odd". I got it up on the bank, then kind of processed it for a minute. Bigmouth Buffalo!!!

Pics follow-

Yeah! Ok, i'm a sucker for Suckers. 

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  1. Great story and pics - I love the off-beat stuff!