Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sasquatch Gills

I hopped on the bike, grabbed my 4wt Loomis, and went after bluegill today. I started out at the drain. Immediately, I saw something that didn't belong. What? That's a talapia! I saw a friggin talapia sitting in the shallows. What's weird here is the Drain hasn't been stocked with talapia sine 2009. This fish had to have survived every winter since the last stocking, which would be almost impossible! It was around 3lbs and I could not hook it no matter what I tried to drift by it's face. I gave up and caught a nice Gill and a  Huge piggo greenie before I got back on the bike and went somewhere else.
Nice 8 incher

Next I headed over to a favorite spot, the canal between the Library and Andy Brown. First cast I hooked a nice gill on a Briminator tied on a 1/100th oz jig .
Cast 2 produced the exact same result.

it happened again

and again

Oh, here's a greenie. Check out the weird proportions!

Back to gillzillas

Gill, Gill, Gill, Gill...

A few nice bass were mixed in.

And a few not so nice bass. Pretty little things, just no size to them.

Back to gills again.

And a bass

I changed to a pink brimkiller and caught a few greenies and a few gills.

I caught a ton! A few of them were 10 inchers and even an 11.5inch gill mixed in. I later on switched to a hopper/dropper and caught a few. Also my friend Ron showed up with a little fiberglass spinning stick(Fenwick I think) and caught a few nice bluegill and a few bass on worms. We had a great day, well worth the trip out!

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