Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Carping around

I needed a bullhead for the contest so I made a run to Andy Brown for one and decided "What the heck" and threw the carp gear in the car. I set up and fished 2 rods. I did great
First fish was a bullhead. Mission accomplished.

12lb common on BANANA again. WHY does this work??!

10lber on... Guess it. Banana

Here's my "Lazyass" setup. When I'm too lazy to set up 3 rods, a pod, or really anything else. Oh, I hate float fishing. This is about the simplest i'll go.
Here's where it gets crazy

WATER BODY RECORD! 4.25lb LMB. There aren't very many big bass in here. This isn't all that big, but I finally got a record worth submitting. Boga'd it, took a lot of pics with the tape measure, and released it. Sending in the boga and it'll be official

A few seconds after I caught the bass I got this 12lb carp. I'm submitting it too, so I'll have 2 water body records for here.

I went out there again on Tuesday and blanked

Then today came...

I fished some new stuff. I caught a big fish.

17lb common! Maybe the biggest pulled out of here. On what else but banana? I am trying to get the other pics of the fish, stay tuned! The fish was 17lbs and came on a D rig with 2 kernels of Banana maize fished with a PVA stick in 3 feet of water. I fought it for 10 minutes before I got it to the mat. This fish is great, too bad I left my D3000 at home! Oh well, there's always tomorrow!
UPDATE! Got the pic!

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