Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TKF and TFF yakkers G2G

Saturday was the Texas fishing forum and the Texas kayak fisherman kayak get together at Jordan branch SP, Lake Ray Roberts, Texas. Not only was it a great get together, but Shannon made a few bucks in the HOW benefit tourney held during the get together. So, here's my writeup-

Shannon(Texasflycaster, if you don't read his site) and I decided to just enter into the tourney. Of course, that means I had all week to get ready, but put it off until friday night. Bad idea. I was busy messing with the kayak almost all afternoon Friday, but eventually I was ready. I didn't want to be tempted by the lure of carp on the fly so I left all the fly stuff at home and conventional fished this trip. I had everything I could need, so I finally went to sleep.

4:00 AM came way too fast and I was in the truck with Grandpa by 4:30 and at the Johnson branch gate by 5:30 and in the parking lot rigging out the kayak a few minutes later. The day started off cold for April at a chilly 39 degrees. I met a bunch of the people that would be competing against us. We talked fishing spots, messed around with the map, talked more, and before we knew it it was go time. The announcement came and we immediately paddled a mile over to a cove Shannon thought might hold some fish. Nada. Kept paddling. Nothing. We eventually made it over to a cove and fished it for a while. Shannon got a TEENY Largemouth, An 8 incher. He joked about the fish being so small and I remember encouraging him to enter it. He measured it and released it. He was on the board

Shot of Shannon fishing Diablo style!

10 minutes later he bagged his second bass, a scrawny 6 incher that almost went through the scupper hole on his Adios. Again, I made him enter it.
Where are the keepers?
We just kept toughing it out, I swear the weather was constantly changing. The wind blew every direction possible and changed several times. We moved around almost every cove in the area to no avail, no fish at all.

Documenting the 2nd pathetic bass

we toughed it out for a few more hours and threw in the towel and paddled back. Shannon found out we are so far the only ones with fish. What? Shannon could be looking at a win here!
Food! Crawdads, yummm!

Next was food- cajun style crawdads. Yum!
Eating, hanging out, having a good time.
Yaks, yaks, yaks

Finally results time! What happened during the tourney? 
Crappie division winner
Bass division winner-

Well, Shaun ended up winning with several more fish than anyone else. BUT he is a local.

Shannon came in third and earned 60 bucks, a fake boga grip, and a fillet knife for his efforts. He slipped me a 20 for making him enter the fish, so I actually earned something that day.

Shannon and I showing off the Diablo's
We spent most of the rest of the day showing the Diablo's off. Lots of interest in the yaks!

All in all, it was a great trip. Check out the TFF or the TKF boards here for more pics and info

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