Monday, April 4, 2011


I went to the secret spot on a mission today. Today was gar day. I had seen some surfacing all over the place Friday night on a scouting trip so I set up on some spawning fish. I started out with a gar rope fly mon my Clouser rod and after losing a few I decided it was time to really get serious and catch one. I stuck a size 1 circle hook on a heavy Baitcaster, 20lb braid, no weight, and 2 medium size 3 or 4 inch shad on the hook. I saw the one I wanted to get, a female, the largest in the bunch. I casted very gently and dropped the shad on top of her head. It immediately grabbed the shad. I let it get the shad turned around and get the circle hook into the corner of it's mouth. Slowly, I opened popped the freespool and let the fish swim off for a few seconds, then 1....2...SLAM! I set the hook hard to the side and it went nuts in a thrashing and rolling frenzy, frothing the water. It jumped 4 or 5 times, made two long runs, and just plain overpowered me. I played it carefully, guided it up to my feet, and boga'd it. Then I let a string of whooping and hollering and fistpumping. Gar! 2nd one this week and my new PB spotted gar. 5lbs 36"long
Mean lookin teefs

Had to do a hero shot. Great fish!


  1. I've tangled with a few of those...angry little buggers.

  2. Real cool. I hooked one awhile back fishing for crappie from my kayak. Well I think it grabed on to my jig and didn't want to let go until it saw me. Kind of wanted to go and catch one ever since. I thought I had a big catfish until it came up close to surface and then let go. I heard they are hard to hook.