Friday, April 1, 2011

March finale

To finish off March, I hit the secret spot for the last 2 days of the month. I think I did pretty good, but I never do truly bad there.
Day 1 was maddening but good. I broke off 2 drum and lost 3 or 4 right at the bank. Something I need for the contest! Makes me mad that I lost so many right at the bank, but that's how fishing goes. Well, it got worse. I then lost a Blue Cat right at the bank. I go on a catching binge finally and picked up a few largemouths on the ultralight and a few sandies on the fly rod.

Then the worst part came. I flipped my rattle trap into an eddie and it stopped dead. Line ripped off of the spool. Then it jumped. GAR! I really needed this for the contest. I fought it for a while, shaking from adrenaline. I finally got it to the bank and grabbed it. GAR! first gar in 2 years! I finally had a gar again, even if it was only a foot and a half long. Then it went nuts thrashing, cut my hand up, and got back into the water somehow, almost as if giving me the middle finger(or fin, for that matter). No gar for the contest yet for me!

Day 2- I showed up at the secret spot and immediately caught a 3lb bass and lost a drum. Stupid drum! I called Jonathan and he showed up 15 minutes later.

Softshell turtles bite HARD! Ouch!

Little LMB caught right as Jonathan showed up. After this fish we blanked the rest of the day, except for this little beauty.

FLATHEAD! This is the smallest flathead catfish i've ever seen. It was almost 4 inches long. Jonathan hooked an old coke bottle and we pulled this thing out of it with forceps!

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