Saturday, April 30, 2011

A little carp and buff action

Headed over to a different spot on Grapevine,one by Scott's landing marina, and carp fished for a few hours. It started out really slow but the fish finally turned on around 3 and I started catching a few. I stayed until 5 and landed 3 buffs, 2 carp, and a little baby channel cat. Most of them came on Banana maize on a regular hair rig.

I really love my new stuff, the Mat, Weigh sling, Net, Korda Krusha, and some other random things. The Net works great, I really liked having a bigger net width letting me be able to land fish easier. I fished for about 4 hours and didn't do great, but I finally got into some before I left. Today was also the first time I experimented with canned tuna in my method. I think that made the difference, even if it was only 1 can in a 2.5 gallon bucket. I'm planning on going back if it's not raining that much tomorrow. If it is, I might end up crappie fishing in a friend'd boat slip. Hope they are biting!

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