Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lewisville 3/29

I hit lewisville for a drum and a bluecat today and decided to bring along my euro carp stuff. I made the right choice, as the drum didn't seem very active. No worries...

Lewisville usually produces something good, no matter the weather. Today's carp was a little over 10lbs on a Scopex boilie. Full dropback bite this time. It fought pretty hard for a while!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Goodbye and safe travels

No i'm not leaving the blogosphere! But, I am wishing something goodbye...

Yes, again


Ok, I guess you could say i'm a bit... well, MAD!!!

Take a look, 250 buck Costas. Last time i'll be seeing them in a while! Sending them in soon, I hope i'm not without 'em for too long!

Texoma 3/26

Ryan and I hit decided to hit Texoma Saturday to give our other swims a little rest. Glad we did that!!

Well, to start Texoma is almost 8 feet low, which is LOW! Really really low. Has it impacted the carp and buff fishing? Not one bit!
We got out there around 1:00 after running around to several marinas looking for some deep spots deep enough to set up in. We ended up going back to my favorite spot by far, the marina less than 10 miles from the Grandparents house. We were into fish within minutes of setting up.

Ryan's first common from Texoma, and the first one i've seen caught.

I break the buff streak with a common, a 16 and a new water body PB for Texoma! About here, I absolutely crushed Ryan in fish caught. I started catching and he started missing out.

Uhh, Bluegill??? On a pop up?
The biggest buff of the trip came in at 18lbs 4oz

ANOTHER 16. Is 16 the magic common number?

DOUBLE! I got a 17lb buff and a 22lb common double! Water body PB!

Ok it only gets better!

DOUBLE again! Ryan got the smaller buff... I let him be in the pic this time. A nice way to end the day!

If someone tries to convince you Texoma isn't low...
Don't believe them. It's low

We fished until 7. I ended the day with 17 carp and buffalo and 1 catfish. Ryan got 11 carp and buffs plus 4 catfish. I did the best on Strawberry, Cherry, or Banana maize on a hair rig or Grape maize on a D-rig. We also got a few on pop ups, fake maize, boilies, and a bunch of other stuff through the day. Awesome trip!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Four Inches

Yes, four inches

The length of this TEENY crappie that showed up on my 7wt today at the Coppell Duck Pond. I don't even fish this place that much, but apparently there are crappie in here.

Multispecies species numba 9!

In Search of Crappie

I was denied of crappie, but the bass wanted to play.

Planning on going back soon, I got 15 or so bass and a big turtle.

Night and Day

I went back to the secret spot and the flow was WAY lower than before. The river was about 6 inches lower than before, exposing logjams and sandbars. The Sandbass moved to deeper water I guess, because they were gone. What replaced them? Spotted bass yeah!

Wait, what's this? A buff, on a clouser.

Much different, I need to go back SOON!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sandbass are in!

It's official, the 2011 sandbass run has started in Texas! Now if we could just get some rain soon! Every water body is really low but the sandbass are in the creeks coming in strong. Oh, today was multispecies day 1, so here's the day from start to end

Morning- woke up, grabbed an ultralight, and went down to the creek. I saw lots of shiners and sunfish and even a few small bass, I got several Greenies, Longears, and Bluegill. I didn't have my DSLR with me so I used my Nikon Coolpix S630 for these, and I think they turned out pretty well.

After that, I went to my secret spot, armed with 2 carp float rods and my 5wt Clouser. I saw tons of fish today, mostly carp and buffs. I went ahead to where I saw gar yesterday and set up a carp rod there, baiting with sweetcorn. I put a yellow inline spinner on my other rod and started blindcasting it around. I got a bump and set the hook and missed it, then 2 more bumps and a fish hooked up. BAM Sandbass! I was pumped! First sandbass ever from the secret spot!
I casted again with a twin of the same sandbass. 
Cast 3 resulted in a small LMB
a few casts later I switched to the fly rod. First cast I hooked up  on something big
2lb sandbass!
FAT with eggs
I called Jonathan and got voicemail, so I kept casting. I caught 10 or so more sandbass then changed the carp rig to a catfish rig with stinkbait thinking I might get a channel cat. Well, that was not needed at all, because I got a channel cat on the very next cast with the fly rod
I  caught about 8 or 9 more sandbass, Jonathan calls and decides to come get in on the action. He's on his way when I hooked something huge, it hit like a freight train then turned and swam upstream, stripping off line like crazy. I fought this thing for several minutes, and I finally saw it- it was a 10+lb Drum. I saw it then shortly after the hook pulled! I lost it!

I caught 1 or 2 more sandies then Jonathan called and I walked the long distance back to meet him and we walked back to the spot together. When we get there, my catfish rod is snagged. I broke off the rig and we kept fishing. Jonathan caught 5 or 6 and I got 2 more, than Jonathan hooked something huge that I think might have been a hybrid striper. The hook pulled. The very next cast, Jonathan hooks a nice 7 or 8lb buff that fought like mad. I didn't get pics, so check Bluegill on the fly for pics. After we released that we moved upstream and we each got a small baby sandie then nothing, so we walked back. I thought the day was over, but no. Jonathan leaves after giving me some stuff(thanks!) and we drive off. 

Mom wants to pick up something for dinner. I see a pond close to where she wants to go- Costco pond, connected to the Lake Vista canal system, and Mom lets me fish it for a few minutes. It was worth it! I casted out the carp rod with corn and threw some freebait out, then started walking the banks. I look down and see a large bronze flag- Tailing carp!!! I ended up blanking here but saw 7 or 8 carp. This place is really cool, i'm definately coming back in the near future, I heard there are hybrid stripers and huge blue cats in here!

Well, that's day 1- 6 species. Tomorrow I hope to get a Crappie and a Black Bullhead. Stay tuned!

Txfishes Multispecies 2011

Sign up now!
Time for Multispecies 2011! I WILL make it to 30 species this year!(I hope)

Fish in at the Cliffs

The Lone Star Carp Brigade fish in on Grapevine at the cliffs was great! We got a bunch, and a few really nice buffs were caught. I met Donny, Justin, Bret, and Zach(Yes, Zach actually showed up AND fished!)
Donny's little 4lb carp

Justin's mugshot and a nice buff

This one was 21

Baby Buff

My chunk buff

19lb buff, great pic Zach!

My 11lb common and PROOF that Zach showed up!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Grapevine 3/6

Haven't had much time lately (been sick!) and I haven't been fishing. Here's a trip from almost a week ago with Ryan and Chloe!


Great day! I only posted the highlights. We got like 8 or 9 buffs each plus a few carp. Ryan got his PB buff and carp and I got a bunch of nice chunks.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TFF is down again

Yes, if you are here looking for why the TFF is down again(that's 3 times in the past 6 months) it's probably due to the random freeze ups and overall slow forums(I think they're migrating servers) so this could take a while, I'll bet on it being back up by 6 tonight, but it could be down for up to several days. Cross your fingers, TFFers...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grapevine 3/5

Big day at Grapevine today! Fished with my friends John, Sherman, and Miranda. We did great!

Sherman's 8lb buff

Hi carp!

Miranda's 16lb buff

My PB Buff at 25-3 on a plum flavored pop-up