Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kayak mods

Just got the new fishfinder/GPS on! It works great! we had a Navionics 2010 hotmaps chip left over from the bass boat (it takes the 2009 chip, somehow we never returned the 2010) so that went in it, and I have maps for all water bodies in texas (not sure i'll need it except for marking waypoints). The Diablo works great with the fishfinder in it. Here's the mount and transducer.

We went with a ram mount under the handle on the front. It's out of the way and I can fold it flat for when i'm standing in it.

Oh, we also mounted the light. Scotty sells an extender for their mounts so I think I'll make this about a foot taller than it is so it's more visible.

More of the mount, the next few are with the fishfinder on the mount.

Here's the transducer, mounted in the hull shooting forward. the dry bag behind it holds the battery.

 You can see the hole in this pic. That is where the wires go below the deck. An O ring is going in it to waterproof it.
And it's gotta have a TFF sticker!

Other side got one too

I'm planning on mounting 2 scotty rod holders up front and 2 in the back plus a few flush mounts. It's going to be an awesome fishing machine!


  1. Great blog. I really like the looks and idea behind the Diablo Chapucabra you have. How does it fare in faster currents.

  2. It's a river designed boat but I really haven't taken it out in anything more than minimal flow at the Texoma dam. I plan on doing the brazos soon ans maybe a few more rivers soon

  3. Austin,

    Thanks for the reply and good luck fishing!

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