Thursday, January 13, 2011

A few flies

It's been really cold around here for the past week so I've been tying a lot. Right now the current temp is 28 and tonight's low is 24. The wind and ice is making everything a mess so it's really hard to fish, so I'm just staying home and tying. This weekend I'm going to Lake Hawkins for the TFF 2nd annual Fly Fishing Idiots Pickerel trip. Last year it rained and I blanked on fish. I think rained like an inch while we were there last time so I hope it doesn't rain but overcast weather will bring the fish up so it might be a good thing for it to rain. Well, here's a few that i've tied this week.
Deer hair bass bug. I couldn't find any razorblades so I freehanded this with scissors and coated the front with nail polish to harden up the popping face.

Bunny Gurgler, kind of a fun tie.

Sickle hook Double Bunny

This is a new one, kind of a modified hairy fodder. This one works! I already got 2 bass on it a few days ago.

Roughfisher Carp Assasins.

New carp box is filling up quickly! 

I also got a new bass box last week.

this is it on Sunday

And this is today. It's filling up quickly!

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