Tuesday, January 25, 2011

COLD at the RR dam

I went to the Ray Roberts dam with Shannon on Sunday and got stuck out there in a cold front! It was freezing and windy but I still managed 6 and hooked a few more that I lost. They were hitting an Electric blue North Fork Nymph today. Not sure why, but the shad bite was off. I casted clousers a bunch but they would only hit the nymph

I also got a pic of the bass box after I stocked it a bit more. Epicness


  1. Cool I was think of going out there this coming weekend sometime and was going to look on your page to see what you had been using when you had it posted right here! Got me a couple of new rods I want to try out. I'm getting tired of going to LLELA. Only caught 2 thumb sized shad on a Wooly Bugger almost as big as them last Sunday. Lol! I should have just left them swimming around on the my hook and I might of caught something good. I guess you can cast ok from the bank at RR. Are they in the Channel or by the bank? I fished the main lake for years but never been to the tail race before.

  2. Right out in the channel. It's pretty small and the fish are finicky. Try clousers and if all fails nymphs. The crappie are sitting in the few holes that dot the bottom. I'm not even sure you can get a kayak or boat up that far. All from the bank right up by the water release