Friday, December 31, 2010

Great end to a great year

I braved the insane wind today(15 gusting to 35) and fished with Shannon Drawe. We fished for carp at Ray Roberts first, which I already knew was inevitable. They were super spooky and the wind made spotting fish extremely hard but we still saw several fish (a lot for December is like 5 and we saw about 15) and I only made one cast all day and I spooked the only fish I casted to.

Then, we decided to hit the ray roberts dam to make the day worth it. We had an awesome day. We walked down and I rerigged, sticking a clouser on my TFO clouser, casted, and fish on!
I broke the fly off on a rock the next cast. Rerigging again with a clouser tied on a EC410 jig hook, making it more weedless (or rockless in this situation)
Back to fishing. Fish on!

They might be small, but they are sure fun to catch! I broke out my new 4wt. It's absolutely perfect in this situation.

Thanks to Shannon Drawe for taking all these pics! It's a change not being behind the camera. I still love the camera.
I decided it was time to change flies, giving Shannon a chance to jump into the action

You can see how hard sandbass are on flies here! This fly went though like 20 fish before it looked too torn up to continue fishing!
Shannon caught a few and I caught a few more. We moved back to the concrete walkway and fished around there for another 20 minutes before hitting the road again. I lost count at 60 sandbass, with 10 being keepers. A great end to 2010. Happy New year!

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