Saturday, January 22, 2011

Texoma Tie in

I had a great time at Texoma tie in! I got to meet a bunch of people, tie a bunch of flies, cast a bunch of different fly rods, and show off my kayak today. I got to see several guys I knew, including the TFO guys, Robin Rhyne, George Glazener, Rex and Taylor Walker, Jerry Butler, Jerry Hamon, Les Jackson, Scott Bridgess, David Cole,  Russell Husted along with several other DFF, FWFF and RRFF members. We all had a great time, I tied like 15 clousers and a bunch of  minnows and Carp flies before Taylor dragged me out and made me cast a few of the TFO rods. I played with a BVK 4wt for about 15 minutes before getting out my Loomis and casting it alongside it. A played with a Mini Mag next, which has nothing mini about it, besides the short length and small number of false casts you need to launch the line into the next universe! I whipped around a Deer Creek 14 foot spey rod for a while which made me realize i'm pretty rusty when it comes to spey casting.  then, I casted the rod I have decided is my next rod- the Axiom 7wt. I was able to shoot all of the line out of that rod with 2 false casts while double hauling. It was amazing. I want it!
One of the many clousers I tied 

Joel Hays' Coyote Carp fly(substituted badger hair for coyote)

My Board

Flickin the spey


More casting

 More casting

More Casting

More casting. I'm beginning to love this Axiom!

And more!

Showing off the 'yak.

More yak swag


More Zeebs

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