Thursday, January 20, 2011

Freeport before the freeze

I hit the 3rd freeport pond yesterday in search of a few bass before this next cold front moves in tomorrow. I wasn't denied but I didn't do that great.

Slowest day ever at Freeport. I have gotten 80 in one day there before. They are all small except for a few big bass(my biggest from there is 7lbs) and some giant bluegill that are fairly common. I caught on a Guadalupe Green tied on a jig hook with my new 4wt. Still pretty good considering my hands WEREN'T numb and my guides WEREN'T frozen.

Coming Events-
Texoma Tie in is this Saturday. If you live anywhere close you should come, it's a great event at a great place, Eisenhower State Park on Texoma. This is held by the Red River Fly Fishers, their site is I am ready for this event as I'll be tying as one of the tying demonstrators in the Rec hall. I'm getting there early to lead/follow a group of guys in kayaks and float tubes after Smallmouth bass along the bluffs, then I'll be either tying or fishing for the whole day up there. I'll have my Diablo up there so come get a look at it and paddle it for a little if you want. I'll have it close the whole time so if you've never been in one COME GET IN IT! it's amazing!

More info about the tie in is posted on the Red River Fly Fishers site listed above, so check that out. I plan on seeing a bunch of you guys there. I'll be tying really everything, mostly carp and bass flies with some bluegill and trout mixed in if I get tired of doing the same stuff. 

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