Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cold front hits

It is currently 26 degrees in Coppell and dropping quickly. I hate cold! somehow the heater in the tying got turned off so I walked in to everything frozen in there. I had to fire up the heater and suck it up for a few hours and get ready for Texoma Tie In. Materials are packed, now all I need to do is get the vise and tools packed and i'm ready to roll!

I did get a few flies in before I packed up the shed, so here they are.

My favorite deer hair fly- the PB's Muddler
size 12(I think???) Mustad Kahle hook. Awesome fly!

Chrome Charlie's Plopsicle

Sparse version of Terry Wilson's Bass Bully

And also I had to do some sketches of random stuff for Art this week. What did you expect?
Now if I could only catch a carp...

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