Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend- SLOW fishing!

This weekend was really cold and the fish were really lethargic. I fished Eisenhower, my Grandparents pond, the Ray Roberts Dam, and Lantana flats. I'll start with my little single fish for the weekend, a nice 9 inch bluegill.

New 4wt action!

I went to the Ray Roberts dam with my friend Dean after the pickerel trip fell apart. The red river fly fishers were there and I got to talk to a few of the guys I knew. No one was really catching. After that we hit Lantana for carp. I saw 4 all day and made 1 cast, which was politely refused by a smaller 3lb carp.

Then to Eisenhower. They changed the fina sign! I saw a few but didn't catch at all. The water clarity is insane! I think I could see the bottom in 14 feet of water!

I plan on fishing later today sometime if it warms up a little.


  1. Hey at least you can fish. Everything is frozen up here in IL, and unless you like squatting over a hole in the ice you have to wait till March.

    Good luck if you go today!

  2. So the chain pickerel trip fell apart? Big surprise there. We will have to do it soon. Gas prices are getting in my way though. TexasFlyCaster

  3. I'm planning on going sometime after daingerfeld opens back up this march(or whenever they do it)

  4. Hey I just wanted to say thanks for the great blog! Im new to fly fishing and the guy who got me into it is a trout fisherman only. Doing as much research as I could about fly fishing in north Texas I came across Texasflycaster page and from his yours. This is totaly awesome. I live in Denton and have a few of my favorite ponds and live close to a creek like you show fishing. I've see fish in it and wounder if they could be caught. It would be great if you posted how you tie some of your blue gill flies. Thanks for all the photos and descriptions of what your using. Your blog and Blue Gill On The Fly has really gotten me excited about this years fishing. Who knows I might start a blog about Denton local fishing or fishing around my work in Carrollton. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  5. I'll be sure to add a few tying demos sometime. I have a few made up right now that I need to post soon. I basically fish the same flies Jonathan (bluegillonthefly)does but we both fish a few different ones. Look at my bluegill box down in the fly boxes post below to see what I usually use around here. I need to make a post about all the flies I regularly fish around here. If you want some more info or want to hook up and fish with Jonathan and I sometime we'd love to take you out, just email me.

  6. And GET ON