Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today I got it. Finally. I was down in Austin for almost the whole day (got in a bunch of traffic on the way home)  and dropped by Diablo Paddlesports and Austin Canoe and kayak.  First of all I got it- the Diablo Chupacabra, new seats to go in it, SUP paddle, a few Diablo stickers, and a few hats. Thanks Thomas!

Then I dropped by ACK and picked up a mount for the fishfinder, a new PFD, a new light, and a new sunglass neck holder (don't wanna lose my Costas!) then started home. Of course I put it in the pool when I got back!

The light goes on tomorrow I hope, then I'm taking it out! I really want to fish in it. Oh, it feels better to paddle in it standing up than sitting, it's incredibly stable! Completely different from my little Emotion Kayak I have.

Thanks Diablo Paddlesports!

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  1. Thats awesome! Should be able to sneek up on some unsuspecting fish with some stealth!