Friday, December 17, 2010

New Alarms and a cool colored LMB

I finally got my new Fox Micron Eos bite alarms in Tuesday. Been waiting forever to upgrade the old alarms (shitty BFS alarms I got for 15 bucks each) and i finally did it. They are really sweet. I have only fished them for a short 1 hour trip to check to see if they worked  and I love them already.

I plan on fishing them tomorrow at the Cliffs or the Trinity Swag swim. I want to get into a few carp or buffs. It's been a while.

I went to the Library today and got this LMB on a little 3 inch craw on a jighead. I don't know what causes these black spots (I've heard it's stress) but this fish sure has a lot of them.

I have a pretty full week ahead. Going down to Austin to pick up my new kayak this week. I'm getting a Diablo Chupacabra (finally something other than my little emotion. I might still keep it but I don't know when I would fish it. Whatever.

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