Monday, December 20, 2010

Early Christmas at PB's house

I've been hanging out in Tailwaters for the past few days trying to decide on a Christmas present for Mom to get me.  decided I want a new 4wt rod that's a lot better than anything I currently have. Casted 4 of them alongside my Clouser and fell in love with a 7'9" G.Loomis Whisper Creek GLX 4wt.
Yes, that is a $625 Fly rod. Travis got me a sweet deal on it ($340 or something like that) and matched it up with a sweet reel (Sage Click 4wt) and a SA GPX line (I'm literally obsessed with this line)

This combo just seems perfect. The rod casts line really nicely, I love how light the reel is, and the reel is the exact same color as the reel seat. The problem? Mom won't let me use it until Christmas.

 This rod is just awesome. I haven't even fished it yet and I love it.

Now tomorrow is a big day. Wake up at 5, get in the car at 6 with Grandpa, drive 4 hours to Austin, pick up my new Diablo Chupacabra, go by ACK and get a new paddle, stand up paddleboard paddle, mount for my new fishfinder (more of a real graph and a GPS), and a few other things, then drive home. Now,  I need to set up a time to sneak off to one of the rivers and mess around with some Rios, Sunfish, and maybe a few bass. I may just end up back at Shoal Creek or Waller Creek that I fished during the clouser contest(and hauled on Rios and sunfish) or LBL is probably a good choice too.

Hey Guys-FULL LUNAR ECLIPSE tonight. It starts at 1:20 so I'm waiting on it so I can go get some pics. Everyone was all excited about it at Tailwaters. I hope it's really spectacular! I'll post some pics right after I get them tonight.

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