Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Night fishing

Ok Ok I'll resume the Camp bass series tomorrow, but for now I'm gonna go ahead and throw this one up

First off I got me a new rod at LFT after camp ended! I got a 7'3" MH Duckett Micro Magic. It casts awesome, I paired it up with one of my Curado E5's, but I think i'm gonna stick an E7 on it sooner or later.

I've been night fishing this week a bunch, just because it's too damn hot to go out during the day. I've been bringing the euro carp setup out along with bass fishing a little. Haven't done too bad in the past few nights.

 Amadeo and a common

Night time? Yeah

 My first buff in what seems like months!

Nice night common!

The bass weren't really worth posting, little 1-2lbers but a few topping 3. 

This drought is nuts! I was fishing a pond that was 3 feet low today!

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  1. nice roughies austin, seems like they aren't affected too much by low water