Monday, August 15, 2011

Camp Bass part 2- day 3

Day 3 started a lot smoother than day 1. I've forgotten what guide I fished with already(i'm terrible with names) and my partner for the day was River.I had a great time. We launched at Lake Fork Marina and ran straight over to the dam and fished schoolies. The bass turned on but never really stayed on top for more than a few seconds and the fish were kind of spread out, not grouped together like usual. We threw Spooks, lipless cranks, flukes, and swimbaits. It started semi slow, I hooked up to a few throwing a Tru-tungsten 4" swimbait. I finally put that down and decided that i'd really rather see topwater bites. I caught 2 or 3 on topwater including one that hit it first to kill it and missed it. I twitched it twice and BAM it came back and knocked the bait completely out of the water. Quite a sight, it wasn't huge but it was a nice 3lber.

After the topwater action kind of quit we made a run over to some trees over in Penson bay(where Shannon and I fished during the fly fishing tournament) and flipped jigs into stumps. We didn't catch any but we had a few hits.

Another guide's boat broke down so we had to go get the campers from their boat and load them and all of our stuff onto ours and run back a little early so we came in about 30 minutes early. No pictures today, but nothing really big was caught anyway

Later on in the day we toured Bayou tackle. They make some really cool stuff. They showed us around the shop and again I bought a lot of stuff including some of their swim jigs and some swimbaits. Go check out their FB page

I actually got to go night fishing that night. I got to go with Danny Gove, the camp director, and a few other campers. We shot over to Chaney creek by the dam again after schoolies. They popped up and we caught the heck out of them for about 15 minutes then they went back down. Kept fishing around and caught a few more, they never really came back up but it was still fun to get out again. it was HOT that night, still over 100 at sundown.

No pics today so i'm going to throw this random pic of a dock up. Just because.

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