Friday, August 26, 2011

Carp on the fly..August edition

Checked out the Secret Spot today hoping to stumble into some feeding fish. Blasted through the first set of flats pretty quickly and and only saw a handfull of Commons, most of the fish were buffs down there. I kept going up toward my favorite bend and I finally started seeing some nice Commons and Buffs feeding on the edges of weedlines. I finally saw the oppurtunity, casted, and fish on!
Really nice fight, took a bunch of line. Finally got it to hand after it made me follow it upstream a little.


Awesome little Muddler 


I hooked a decent buff later on that broke me off after a screw up with the reel. The fish were biting, I just wish I had gotten there earlier. I ran out of daylight.

Fishing again tomorrow!

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