Monday, August 8, 2011

Camp Bass part 1- days 1 and 2

I was at Fork all of last week for Camp Bass. It was great! Just a warning, this is gonna be a long post!
First off, THANK YOU to everyone who was a part of Camp Bass!

I showed up on Monday, ready to fish. I noticed that the lake was WAY low, I think the count is 5 feet low as of right now. It was really low, the dock at Lake Fork Marina was on the ground with no water under it at all. It was really really low. 

4:45 Tuesday morning came really fast. I was tired, still kind of jetlagged from Paris and Rome. I gathered up my gear and set it outside, ate breakfast, and waited for my boat assignment with Jack, my partner for the day and one of my roommates. Finally Danny led us over to a boat and we waited. Long story short that boat was a guide that already had a client for the day and wasn't a part of camp bass. That boat left without us 30 minutes later. We had no idea what to do.

Finally it was all sorted out, and we ended up going out with Greg Boik, a guide in the Houston area. He had been out in the past few days at night around some docks directly across from Lake Fork Marina so we headed over there and started working the docks. I tied on a spinnerbait at first, and after a few missed strikes I switched to something slower, texas rigged a 10 inch power worm. I slung it around some docks and finally saw a tree standing alone next to a dock. I flipped the worm over and let it hit the bottom and started working it in and the worm got slammed! It was swimming straight toward the boat so I had no idea how big it was until it surfaced. HOLY CRAP!!! all of us started freaking out. it was a big bass and it still had plenty of fight left in it. I led it around the boat a few times and finally I got it close enough for Greg to net. YESSS! we were all screaming and going nuts. My first fish of the camp was an over. Being an over, the camp has a deal with Lake Fork Taxidermy that gives the person who catches the biggest over a free replica, so this fish, being 24.5 inches long, put me in the running for that replica!

We stuck her in the livewell until the camera boat showed up. Arklatex sportsman is going a show on Camp Bass this year so they came over and filmed my fish and interviewed me. It was time to stick her on the scale- 8lbs even! 24.5" long and 17.5" girth. Awesome! I got a few pics and released her. Great start to Camp Bass!
Awesome fish!
To shorten this post up a bit that was my only fish of the day. When we came in we ate lunch and headed over to Lake Fork Tackle and toured the shop. That was cool, we got to go into the back and see plastics being poured and coming out of the molds. We got some free stuff and I spent a nice lump of cash in there. That's about it for days 1 and 2. Stay tuned for the rest of the Camp bass series of posts!


  1. Nice BASS! Did you get the free Replica?

  2. Wait until the end of the series!!!

    psst...Yes I did!