Monday, August 15, 2011

More night fishing

Marty and I put a few hours in at Scott's landing Saturday night. I didn't do great but the last 3 fish were very unexpected.

First off I had a dropback. I thought I had a catfish but I was really surprised by a "one hander"

I had nothing for the next few hours, well, I had some runs but they all came off or didn't hook up. We were kind of bored so we rigged up and started fishing crappie jigs for whatever would bite. Marty picked up this Warmouth almost immediately.

We both fished around for a while nd each caught some greenies and bluegill then they kind of quit biting so we went back to waiting for a run.

I was actually getting ready to leave and ALL 3 OF MY RODS screamed off. Amazingly Marty and I landed all 3 of them. They were all buffs, 18, 10, and 6

This was the 18

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