Monday, February 21, 2011

Al Crise Day 2

I met the Fort Worth Fly Fishers out at the Paluxy river for Al Crise Day 2. My D3000 was left in Grandpa's car so I can't post the pics off of that, but I have a few on my phone.I had a great time! 1000 trout were stocked for the trout derby so I fished for the lame little stocker troots for a while, getting my limit to take home for the grill. I started out with 1 trout on an electric blue north fork nymph

 then I hooked something nice, which turned out to be a 14 inch channel cat. It fought hard on my 4wt, but I still got it in pretty easily. Next cast, the line went tight, so I set the hook and my reel started screaming. Not a troot! I fought this thing for a little over 10 minutes and finally landed it. It was a nice 6 or 7lb channel, big enough to put a nice bend in the 4wt.

After that I filled out my troot limit, got a nice Redear and Green sunfish hybrid, a few small bass, and casted at a few carp. I think I got about 16 troots total, with the best one going 15 inches.

After I got out of my waders(I was freezing!) I walked on over to Les, who made me cast his sweet little 1960s Shakespeare fiberglass 5wt, which was SWEET! I want a glass rod now! I learned a bunch of casting techniques from Les, and then Jay "Fishy' Fullum walked over and taught me a few things. If you don't know, Fishy is an amazing fly tyer who writes the creative column for Fly Tyer magazine. He also casts GREAT and is a great teacher. He gave me one of the best pieces of advice i've ever heard when it comes to casting-
"Imagine the handle of this rod is a glass tube, and if you squeeze it too hard it'll break. If you find the right amount of pressure to apply on the rod handle, you'll be able to throw that fly anywhere and delicately drop that fly on the surface wherever you want it"

I had a great time! Check out the event here on the TFF and the FWFF site

**Update! here are the pics that were on my D3000

Great day!

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