Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good reads/vids to beat the cold

School's out tomorrow too(that makes 4 days in a row) so here's some good reading material to throw some heat on this freezing weather. Pretty much the whole US is an ice cube right now. 2 MORE inches of snow forecasted for North Texas tomorrow. Woot...

First of all, the tasty new issue of This Is Fly is out. Check it out
This is fly volume 3 issue 1

Here's a pretty cool article I found on the TFF on shad behavior in cold water. I have seen this before researching the shad kill on Texoma last year. Looks like there's gonna be another kill happening any day now, which sucks but maybe we won't have the same effects as last year's kill- shitty fishing and overall unhealthy stripers and hard to catch bass.
Shad- Weathering winter

Here's an awesome video on grass carp effects on fisheries. These things are bad if numbers of them per acre get too high. I don"t have much knowlege on this topic, but it's interesting for sure.
White Amur- Bass Killers

Here's a nice link for all of you fly tyers stuck inside tying like I am. This site has been one of my favorites for a while. Good flies and a BUNCH of patterns on here.
Warmwater Fly Tyer

and one last one. If you haven't seen MRFC's sweet deals and deep dscounts check it out! There's some awesome deals on here!
Madison River Fishing Company

I'll be cooped up in here all day tomorrow too, so expect a lot of site work being done. I'm going to add a bunch of stuff to the sidebars and a few other things. Check back soon!

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