Saturday, February 12, 2011

Houston, we have a problem

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I went to the Sandy Lake dam yesterday and walked down about a mile to check out if there were any sandbass moving up yet. I decided that the current was a little strong from all the snow melt(making it good for sandies and hybrids to move up into the river channel but too strong to fly fish) so I waded out onto a gravel bar and made a few drifts with a white streamer. I found that the floating line wasn't getting the fly deep enough, so I changes spools to my sinking line. When I went to pop the spool out, it came out without any pushing at all, but that's wierd for a Lamson. I tried to pop in the other spool and it just wouldn't work. My reel broke completely! The ball bearing came out and the reel unscrewed and unthreaded the screw itself. I took it up to Bass Pro immediately and Gerry fixed it for me, after a lot of trouble with getting the seal undone. Now, why did this happen? grit in the reel, be careful with Lamson's and sand. Also, lack of lubrication helped it continue to unscrew itself. Well, it's fixed now. Time to go back out there!

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