Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The wind has been insane lately, but that's not that uncommon for crazy wind here in Tejas. The temperatures have been awesome, in the 70-75 range for the past few days and the forecast says there's not any more cold fronts coming!! Bass Spawn! Sandie Run! Maybe i'm a little too hopeful, but this weather is warming the water a bunch.

I got out to the Library today and ended up moving until I was right by Andy Brown in the canal on some structure. I found some today, but it was tough. I got 3 bass, a sweet little 12 inch crappie, and a black bullhead all on a Blue North Fork Nymph.

Sweet little 12 inch crappie

Blah, I hate these things.

Bass numba 2 took the fly so lightly it barely moved the indicator.

 Free bike anyone?

Bass number 3- little feisty LMB.
It was pretty nice considering that the wind was howling at 25mph all day, still starting to feel like spring more and more each day.

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