Saturday, November 20, 2010

Trout day

As winter approaches the trout come- TPWD stocks trout all over Texas and Oklahoma stocks several water bodies as well. I went over to catch some trout for the first time since January. Heres the report--

I headed over to the blue river first. I fished around Areas 3 and 4 then headed over to Area 1. I started out throwing a hares ear with a zebra midge as a dropper and ended up throwing about every fly I had. Dries, soft hackles, buggers, streamers, worms, nymphs, all without hope of getting anything. No one was catching so I just got in the car. We drove up to Turner Falls to try for some 'fresher' stocker trout. I got up and rigged up my 4wt with a soft hackle and walked up to the falls. Grandpa walks downstream a ways while I fling flies around the trout I see. There are some really big ones stocked this year, I saw a few that might go 23-25 inches. I got 1 12 inch trout and a little super washed out colored longear below the low water crossing right next to the falls.
Then, I heard my name being called so I gathered up my stuff and walked over to Grandpa who is calling me. He just happened to have found an immense school of trout willing to take flies. I fished the school for 2 hours and 42 minutes landing 39 trout up to 16 inches. I caught on a Cat's Whisker (gray/white), San Juan Worm (dark brown w/ 1 split shot), woollly bugger (olive size 10) trailing a zebra midge (size 14), BH Electric blue North Fork Nymph (sz 10)and even a cap spider for a short time.

in this picture you can see the school, see all the brown oblong shapes?

Fished below this pool for another 15 minutes landing a few trout and losing a smallmouth of around 2lbs then got back in the car for the hour drive back to Whitesboro. A good day in my book.

I got
Rainbow Trout-42
Golden Rainbow Trout-1
Green Sunfish-2



  1. Awesome day of fishing. Congrats.

  2. great day at the falls!how'd the old cap spider do?

  3. I think I got 12 or 14 on it. They would eat it like crazy then get tired of it in 10 minutes