Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rough Creek inches closer

3 days until we leave, I can't wait! the weather's killing me though. It's a nice 70 in Coppell right now according to my Ipod. While we're there,, a cold front is going to drop that into the 30s. Jonathan and I might be wading a frozen pauluxy with the thursday night low in the 20s. I don't care. i've got warm stuff and I can handle it!

And- Check this out
Great thread on the TFF. Proper fly porn and fish porn in my book.

I could use a little salt therapy soon. Closest to that is slinging flies at golden bonefish at the secret spot tomorrow morning. Haven't seen a carp on the fly in a while. After catching all the dreaded Troots yesterday I need to got some carp slime on my rod handle before it becomes too trouty.

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  1. Hello, found your blog on OBN today. I will "follow" along. =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman