Monday, November 15, 2010

Few updates

Gat a few updates for you guys, watch out!

1.  the PBF&F website is STILL under construction!

2. This weekend is my next trip- First time on the Blue River, Oklahoma. I actually want to get a trout and a few smallies, but the carp are supposed to be catchable there even this late...

3. Thanksgiving week brings the 7th annual Rough Creek trip. I want a repeat of last year!

and that's just a few of e'm! I could post pics of 5lb plus bass all day from here.
Next Friday- Jonathan's meeting me out at Rough Creek for some big bass and crappie then we'll run over to the Pauluxy River and check it out for some late season bass and sunfish.
Saturday- Hunt at rough creek. Gonna get some new pheasant skins. My hunt is scheduled for EARLY saturday morning.

Later tonight I'll get a few pics of my fly boxes while they're clean and tidy (just spent a week tying a lot of flies and reorganizing my flyboxes)

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