Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rough Creek!

Rough Creek was awesome as always, but I had a great trip this time!
Caught at least 200 crappie, Mostly on Lake Fork Live Baby Shads on my hand poured heads.

Great hunt, even with it being in the 30s that morning, We shot 5 pheasant, 7 Chukars, and 39 Quail

Biggest bass of the trip was only 6lbs. I forgot to weigh it with the bait in the mouth so it was more like 7

Jonathan came on Friday- the best day by far. I got at least 30 crappie and a few bass. I caught on a Briminator and an Electric Blue North Fork Nymph

We got out on a boat about half through the day

We were about to go to the paluxy and then Dad suggested we go to another pond on the Rough Creek property. It was 100% worth it. First cast- 2lb crappie! topwater action on the Sage Largemouth! For Comparison- the handle of the largemouth is 7 inches. That's a 15.5 inch crappie!

Then another one right at 2.3!

Best we could have wished! I got 4 crappie all over 2lbs and 1 2lb bass.

Jonathan got a bunch too. I'll post a link to his blog entry whenever he posts it. all the better pics are on his camera.

Went back today, I got 2 bass. The biggest was a little under 3lbs

Had some visitors come over to see what I was catching.

The fly- a black and red Flaming Hooker 

Awesome landscape- Cactus and Prarie Grass

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  1. GREAT crappies! nice pics and post