Monday, June 6, 2011

Shad? check

Sunday morning I got up and loaded the boat up and we set out on Texoma on the search for a striper for the contest. 

We pulled up on my favorite point and there were hundreds of thousands of shad up on the point. I turned on the side imaging on the bow and all I saw was a solid wall of shad. I started throwing a 1/2oz rattle trap around the point. The shad were nipping at it for some reason, and before it got to the boat I pulled in a shad that was barely over 4 inches long hooked IN the mouth. I was laughing and grandpa said "That's over 4, isn't it? Well, it was, so I snapped a contest pic

Threadfin Shad- check

I caught about 10 more of these and pulled in a few nice sandbass but no stripers. I saw them busting around me and hooked into a few but lost them before they got to the boat.

We moved, and I headed over past highport. There were a ton of guides along the bank, and again I was seeing a ton of shad. First cast with the rattle trap got hammered, but not by a striper. It fought hard, and I pulled in a... What? 15 inch Gizzard shad. Hooked in the mouth just like it ate it.

Yes, this is serious, I got 2 species of shad in the same trip!

I kept going into the cove. Right in the back of the cove the sonar went nuts, marking big stripers 20 feet down. I fired a slab down to them and immediately got slammed. It broke off directly after the hookup... Big fish!
I tied on another slab. Dropped it down, and BOOM! I hooked up again, this time I fought it up a little, and it broke off. Those were big fish, 20 inches or more at least.

I tied on YET ANOTHER slab. Hookup!

No, mr sandbass, that wasn't for you.

That's about it for Sunday. 2 more species helps, but I have to go back for a striper. Next week will do it.

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  1. Very nice. I have never caught a shad before but I hear it is fun to chase them. Nice post.