Monday, June 13, 2011

Carp on the fly!

Finally hooked into some fly carp action today. I found a lot feeding and pitched a Backstabber Carp Fly at them. Fish on!
Nice bend in the TFO clouser

Not big, but a hard fighter.

Landed a 2nd one, i'll be back after them tomorrow!


  1. wow, that is some not clear water

  2. Yeah what Dustin said. But nice fish. What did you catch them on? I would love to land a crap on the fly rod

    J & M Flies

  3. oh yes, I forgot to mention that! Great job and nice fish

  4. @J&M click the orange text that says "Backstabber Carp Fly" and it'll show you a video of tying it. Really cool pattern, I use it a lot.

    @Dustin yeah, that's not the cleanest water. Blah!

    Thanks guys!

  5. Looks like where I fish! Well done! Backstabbers are a great fly. you can get real creative with them using different materials for the wing. tie them really small or put the eyes up front(my fav).