Friday, June 17, 2011

Smallies, Suckers, and Stripers (Oh my)

I fished Texoma on Wednesday after some Stripers(Well, Tuesday and Wednesday, but Tuesday didn't go too well) and did pretty well. We got up and loaded the boat at a little after 4 and were on the ramp by 5. Glad we went, it was worth the trip.
Somehow I picked up my new PB River Carpsucker on a rattle trap fishing for stripers. It fought really damn hard though.

Plus I got a striper. Check.

And I got a nice Largemouth

Then I got into the SMALLIES! Smallmouth are kind of a rarity this far down the lake so it was pretty cool to see a few of these around here.

Another smallie! I love smallmouths.

Close up Bronzeback.

Only bad thing of the trip is I smashed my finger trying to re-adjust the trolling motor. Ouch!

Leaving for Florida Saturday!

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