Sunday, June 12, 2011

Private waters part 2

I tried The FH ponds again a few days ago. Didn't do bad other than the fact that the temperature at noon was well over 100 degrees. Freakin hot! I headed out on the ponds about 2 and fished for a few hours. I didn't do too well but at least I caught some fish. 

I caught a nice channel cat right off the bat, it was like 5 minutes after I set out. I flicked a bonefish bitters right into a shady pocket under a tree and the line immediately shot off toward deep water. Not bad... Not bad.

I caught a few bluegill and the heat got horrible so after a quick thought I headed down to White Rock Creek right  next to the FH ponds. I kind of underestimated the steepness of the climb down and landed in the creek bed with a thunk, spooking a lot of fish and making me have to take the time to check if everything was still in my backpack. I looked up and saw a nice little carp up really shallow in the crystal clear water. I tied on a little nymph and crawled over to the edge of the pool. I flicked the rod and the fly landed gracefully right in front of the fish's nose. Twitch... Twitch...
 The fish took off in a cloud of silt. 
Damn, I missed a perfect oppurtunity by landing it too close to it's nose.

I kept rooting around the creek, picking off the occasional undersized longear sunfish or bluegill. I saw a few more carp but never found another that I thought I could get a fly in front of without spooking it. I headed out of there a while later and headed back to the car. the heat sucked, but at least I landed a few fish. I'll be back at 'em down there soon.

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