Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend fishing

Did some fishing this weekend. I was originally going to go do an overnight carp session with Ryan and Erick Saturday but I had to bail out and ended up back with them Sunday.

Friday I went to the Grapevine swim with Amadeo and his son Kaden. We each got a few carp and buffs.

Amadeo with a nice common


Triple. I should get some extra credit. I landed all 3 of these alone, at night, without using the net!
Saturday after Tailwaters I went with Marty(Sunfish fly, check out his blog) to the same swim again. We(I) did pretty good. Marty blanked hard. I caught 4 commons and a nice little largemouth on a roadrunner.

This was a 16lb common hit by a bowfisherman. The fish wasn't really hit and it sliced through about 6 inches thick of flesh and bone. The wound was really nasty. This is one of those times I wished i had some antiseptic made for carp, I need to order some.

Sunday morning Marty and I rode over to the Library canal and caught some nice bluegill and bass. I caught a warmouth FINALLY but it came unhooked and made a hasty escape before I could get a multispecies pic. Well, it made me want to keep trying! 
After a crazy report from Ryan and Erick we loaded up and headed over to their swim. Great idea, we hauled! Marty got like 10 or 11 before he left. Ryan, Erick, and I all got over 20 fish, ad Erick and Ryan were pushing 30 fish each. It really was an amazing numbers trip. No really big fish though.
Marty's first common over 8lbs

Ryan with a double

Marty's PB common

Marty's biggest freshwater fish. 12lb buff

another for Marty

14lb common

Hold your fish upside down! All the cool kids are doing it...

Double, one of countless multiples including several triples and quads.
This was a good weekend aside from all the sunburn, lost rigs, and tiredness...

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