Monday, May 16, 2011

Tailwaters Update

Tailwaters turned out great, Shannon and I showed off the Diablo's to a ton of fly fisherman and I think we sold a few boats today. I was really surprised at the interest in my fishfinder mount in the scupper hole, which is the new mount we stuck in this past week. It looks really clean, i'll try to get a post up with the pics and journey this weekend.
Shannon with the Adios, the 12 foot long fishing machine.

Of course I absolutely can't walk out of a fly shop without buying something, so I picked up some well needed stuff.I got a bunch of flies that were on closeout, Finally a new line for the clouser, got a few shirts, a new hat, and another buff. I think i'm pretty well stocked for a while. If you came you probably saw me showing the yaks, I was pretty busy the whole day, but I did get some time to visit with a bunch of people. I think this was a pretty good turnout, great job to Tailwaters Fly Shop for putting this on!

Oh, and on another note, anyone have any info on this?
I only lost a few comments and had some trouble for a few hours but not too much was lost. How many of you other outdoor bloggers got hit?

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