Saturday, May 14, 2011

Few flies

Haven't done much fly tying in a while so I decided to whip a few random things up during the rain

Really fun to tie craft fur shad. Looks really cool in the water. This is a number 2 SC-15 and it looks the perfect size for a bass or striper snack!

Little size 16 nymph

Squirmy carp fly, I really want to try this thing!

Marabou Marauder, this thing catches fish! One of my patterns, really good bulky bass fly. Size 6 hook and it's about 3 inches long. I also tie them bigger but this is the perfect size for a 6wt fly stick.

Oh, wondering what happened this weekend? I had a really epic carp session. It's maybe going in Uscarppro. I may give a teaser this week to give you something to look forward to, so stay tuned!


  1. I like the squirmy carp one.

  2. very nice, what are you using for the dubbing on the nymph?

  3. The nymph is dubbed with Crawdad ice dub I think, that or rust. I am literally obsessed with ice dub, it makes great patterns so much better.

  4. Trust me anyone of those flies would produce. I need to get into the tying mode.

  5. I really like that Marabou Marauder. The marabou muddler is one of my favorite patterns, because marabou has some magical fish catching action. Good stuff.

  6. Thanks! Marabou has some really cool action in the water, I love tying with it.